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Jul 1
Live Call In Shows
I've been thinking for a while now that I'd like to do a live call in show on our podcast. This is problematic, however, because as we all know podcasting is a pre-recorded. A quick look at our Frappr Map shows tht we have listeners from all over the world and therefore all different time zones. How do you put together a live call in time that works for everyone?

I've only thought of two possible solutions. The most obvious is to try and find a time and day that will work well for everyone. The second, and perhaps better idea, is to hold multiple times and then put them all together as if they were one session.

There are a variety of technologies out there like Skype's new Skypecast, Gizmo's conference call capabilities, and Gabcast that would work for such a thing.

Anyone have any other ideas on the best way to handle something like that?

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