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Blogher Podcasting
The Blogher '06 conference is underway and day one was all about podcasting. There's a great entry on Blogher detailing the responses Elisa Camahort got when she asked many podcasters about equipment. I like the responses because they're almost all "nothing".

I've spent a lot of time "outing" these Snake Oil experts that are hawking their wares, books, and microphones for hundreds of dollars. I've always felt that a real podcaster wouldn't give that advice and I've been vindicated.

When *real* podcasters are asked what a fledgling podcaster needs for equipment the list contains free software, inexpensive mics, and whatever else you already have on hand.

Great post.

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Your describing exactly what I started with - almost. You left out the crappy radio shack part I used to capture phone conversations :)

I have upgraded over the last two and a half years though. I'm using Adobe Audition, an eight channel mixer, phone patch and nice mic.

I wouldn't want to go back to Audacity and my headset - but I could! LOL!

Yup. Of course you CAN spend thousands of dollars on equipment and yes, it is likely to improve the quality of your production, but you don't need it to start with. :)

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