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Podcasting of Events - Don't Forget to Edit.

Mayor Menino of the city of Boston is now podcasting. I think that fills the gamut - we have presidents, senators, and now mayors. Is there anyone else in America that isn't podcasting? If so, damnit - you're LATE!

This podcast is a classic example of just "throwing the MP3 file onto the web". Here's some thoughts I had on it while listening to the podcast.

The intro would have been a lot better if I couldn't have heard the mic being bashed around, but hey - it's the first show. I simply cannot, however, let the ridiculously long intro go by without comment. The first 2:50 contains some symphony ditty and mic bashing noises. When that's over I couldn't help but feel a sense of relief until the US national anthem started playing. Another 3 minutes of my life wasted. I'm now almost 5 minutes into this 58 minute podcast and haven't even heard the Mayor's voice or have a clue what the subject matter is about.

At minute 4:45, the colours are retired amid almost total silence during which I, as the listener, have no idea what's going on. Finally, at 5:50, the actual presentation starts.

Here's the deal, folks. Podcasting events and conferences is a great idea. It allows listeners to get at information that want when it's convenient for them. However, podcasting an event has to be more than just throwing the MP3 file onto the web. Doing so shows a complete disregard for the different ways in which listeners and viewers partake in the event.

Audio podcast listeners have no need for long intros and extended periods of silence while something visual is occuring. If you're going to podcast an event (and I think you should!) pay someone to edit the thing so that it's more suitable for audio listeners.

Or post it as a videocast so the thing makes sense.

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