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The Real Podcast Wave is Yet to Come

So claims Bill Flitter, Prez of Pheedo. A lot of people in the industry feel that RSS is really going to crest the hill of main stream acceptance when Internet Explorer 7 proper comes out as it has deep support for XML in general and RSS specifically.

...a darn-near perfect storm of RSS developments will hit the market and gel in Q1 of 2007 to allow B2B podcasting to mature in terms of audience reach, measurement, and value. That in turn will drive more companies to create better, more useful podcast content that will get that big old virtuous adoption pattern churning along.

There's lots of good information in this edition of Dan Grader's briefings direct, but I have to question the B2B angle. I have yet to see any great business-to-business podcasting going on. Most of it thus far is B2C (business to consumer). Anyone seen any B2B podcasting going on? I'd love to hear about it.

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