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May 5
CBC Radio Offers Podcasts

cbcradioThe Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), a largely government funded coast-to-coast radio (and tv) station in Canada, has been offering a few of its show as podcasts for a while now. However, they've just recently announced that they're upping the ante to 22 shows.

At first glance this seems like a no-brainer. The first few experimental shows were successful so it only makes sense to expland the repetoire, right? Sure. Totally agree. But how does this affect advertisers?

Traditional radio spots run for a specified number of times during specified time slots. Your ad does its run and then it's over. How does this translate if the show in question is not only broadcast over the air, but also later offered in podcast form? Theoretically, your ad could be played forever and ever and ever.

Will advertisers pay for this perpetual exposure? Do they even want it? Will producers like the CBC even realize that the advertising model for podcasts and 'air-once' media is different?

Stand by on this one.

Here's a fill list of shows and feeds.

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There are no ads on CBC Radio.

Hey John,

Yeah...damn. That wasn't a very well thought out sentence on my part. I won't correct it because I use the word "like"

"Will producers like the CBC..."

but you have a point. I think the question still stands for other producers that aren't government supported and do carry advertising, though.

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