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Podcast Day 2006
Looks like I just missed the Podcastday 2006 expo in Cologne. Damn, when is Know More Media going to finance a junket for me to a podcasting expo?

Almost all of the expos and conferences that I've come across recently contain at least on segment on monetizing podcasts. Podcastday 2006 is no different and I hope they put up podcasts of that segment at least.

I ran across two books today on the same topic: "How to make money with your podcast". Sigh...everyone is making money with podcasting but podcasters. I'd love to hear guys like Ewan Spence from TPN talk about how it's really done and not individuals hawking their books and services.

One thing the networks can do well is attract large advertisers. Presumably, they're interested in passing any advertising money back down to podcasters and perhaps that's the only real model that will end up working. Only time will tell, but it's a hard to live through the days as this model is sussed out.

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Hey Jon, feel free to email me with those very questions, but it's a simple answer. You have a product (in this case audio) and you deliver that to listeners. You then have a second product - the listeners, and can present this easily measured demographic group to relevant advertisers. It's a lot of legwork, letters and calls, and a lot of knockbacks, but you live on the successes and learn from the failures. Just like business and media has been doing for years.

Hey Ewan,

Thanks for stopping by. I will send you an email. I'd love to chat a bit about your experiences now that TPN has some serious time under its belt.

You are aware that this is in German? ;)

It probably isn't. but even if it is I'd still love to go.

Unlike us neandrethals in North America, many, many Europeans have taken the time to learn our language. I've spent significant time overseas in my time in the Navy and almost every country I went to had a large population of english speakers.

If it was completely in German, though, then I would just have to go to the bar all day :)

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