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Podcamp NYC Hitting Stride
More Podcamps than you can shake a stick at! After the inaugural one in Boston a while ago, there were 5 in the making and now there are no less than 8.  

I'm impressed by the momentum, but I'm curious how many of the camps will actually happen. Given that the podcamps are largely a volunteer effort, it's not unusual that they might lose steam before fruition.

I've heard good things about Podcamp Boston and I'm looking eagerly at Podcamp Toronto (although Podcamp Kingston is looking like more fun because I was born there and have a cottage in the area). I don't think I've ever had that type of choice in Canada before.

So how about it? Does your city need a podcamp?

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For Podcamp Toronto, we've got a venue, so if we don't show up, there's gonna be some hell to pay :)

Plus, I'm working alongside a very energetic group of men - Mitch Joel, Jay Moonah, Brent Morris & Julien Smith - so there's no way we can falter at this point.

My only concern is trying to support the many requests from the various organizers in the different cities to attend their Podcamps. From a financial and time standpoint, this isn't possible.

I made it down to Podcamp Boston, I'll be going to Podcamp San Fran and I'm going to make a stop at Podcamp NY. I want to be supportive of all the Podcamps, but my piggy bank may say otherwise.


It's an interesting question you raise here. There's no doubt that Leesa and the PodCamp Toronto organizing crew will make that event work. Toronto continues to strike me as a place filled with passionate podcasters and new-media enthusiasts, and that helps as well. I look forward to being part of PodCamp Toronto next February.

For PodCamp to be a success wherever it springs up, we'll need to see this: A strong group of committed and connected organizers to both handle all of the logistics and planning before the event and to help build the momentum by getting the word out to as many people as possible.

Leesa and Jay are those kinds of people in Toronto, and we had some great leaders in Christopher Penn and Chris Penn to get the ball rolling in Boston.

BarCamp has been a success all around the world, and PodCamp can too!

--Bryan Person
A PodCamp Boston organizer
Blog: Bryper.com
Podcast: NewCommRoad.com

I should have been a little clearer in my post. I wasn't suggesting that any specific Podcamp (or any Podcamp, for that matter) would run out of steam. Rather, I was merely musing over the fate of many volunteer-lead efforts in the past. Of course, there are a heck of a lot of successful volunteer-lead efforts as well.

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