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May 9
Podfade or Profits?

In keeping with renaming everything podcasting with at least one instance of the phrase 'pod' in it, podfade refers to a show simply fading away into nothingness.

There's a great article over on Frank Barnako has a great blog entry on the issue of whether podcast advertising will become profitable before podfade starts killing off the entire industry.

Mark McCrery, co-founder of Washington, DC-based Podtrac, says that it'll be a year at least before podcast advertising reaches any kinf oc critical mass.

"Some ad agencies have media budgets for testing," he explained. But it's going to take time for experimental results to produce big orders. "They need to have a good experience." McCrery says the planning and budgeting process inside companies and agencies can take 1 to 2 years. So, it's possible podcast ad marketers may run a test, get good results, and then be told to come back in 9 months.

Barnako also notes that GoDaddy, EarthLink, and Go To Meeting are all over the podvertising scene and as a tech podcast listener, I can attest to that. Those three are advertising all over the place, but nobody seems to know how much they're paying.

So much wiggle going on in this space.

Tags: podvertising, podfade

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