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iTunes Affiliate Program
Here's a new way to make money from your podcast that has almost nothing to do with your podcast proper. The iTunes affiliate program.

We didn't get the email so I guess our show didn't hit whatever criteria Apple is using to email out the news, but Paul Colligan got one. Strange since we're hitting just shy of 1,000 downloads per show and...well...in podcasting that's not too shabby. But I digress....

Bottom line: Link your show to your iTunes page. When/if listeners click on the link and ned up buying some music (wha?), you get 5%.

It just seems clunky, no?

Via Paul Colligan despite the fact that I've removed him from my Christmas card list.

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Removed, ouch ... I weep ;-)

Apple also get exponential exposure from podcasters, I suppose, with this program because now everyone will link iTunes instead of, or in additional to other podcast directories...

@Paul: Wait 'til you see what I'm giving out!

@Hendry: Not sure how that would work. I don't think you can just link to an iTunes podcast via the web. You need to provide an iTunes link which will fire up the local iTunes client, no? Assuming that's right (and it may not be - I'm a Linux user and therefore have almost zero experience with iTunes), then there's no SEO advantage to having many incoming links since it's not a web page.

I can see how the sheer number of incoming links will likely increase the number of purchases in general, though.

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