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More Holland Cooke Data
I recently wrote an entry that linked to a Powerpoint presentation put together by Holland Cooke. While I appreciated the info in the report, I was a little hard on the HC website. Wait. No, I wasn't, but my comments prompted Mr. HC himself (is Holland Cooke a person or a business name?) to stop by and rebuke me for my words (check the comments of that post).

Whether we agree on what the website should look like or not, I can't deny that good stuff keeps coming out of HC. In the comments I referred to in the last paragraph, HC dropped a link to a PDF file that contains more research and information on podcasting. I'll re-link to it at the end of this post, but here's one of the more interesting parts of it.

There's a list of the top 20-ish podcast topics that survey respondents said they would download and listen to if they were available for free. You'll have to read the PDF for the whole story, but here are three that I knew would be in the list before I read it and three that surprised me:


  • Comedy
  • Personal Finance
  • Travel
The Ones I Didn't Expect:
  • Long Weekend Funformation (and this scored HIGH!)
  • Chick Chat
  • Visiting Las Vegas (how long could this podcast be sustained, I wonder?)
Here's the link to the PDF. Lots of other good info in there as well.

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