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Why Does Someone Have to Die?
First there was the radio star, who was killed by the video star, remember?. But not really.

Somehow, the radio star limped back into the room when video had its back turned like the ending of a bad movie.

The bloodied radio star took a few more bullets when podcasting came along and barely recovered enough to take the beating that satellite radio dished out. Nobody noticed when the video star left the room.

Now I see articles pondering when podcasting will recover enough to turn his swollen, vengeful eyes back towards satellite radio.

Following podcasting feeds can be quite a bloody battle. The sad thing is that while everyone is madly looking around for the "X" killer the fact is that there's enough of us on this planet to support it all.

Honestly think about it: when was the last time something was "killed"?

Radio isn't dead. Not by a long shot. Nor is video/television. Sattelite radio has barely come into its own and people are already labelling podcasting as the satellite radio killer.

Arguably, satellite radio will die - at least Siruis can't afford to give away $200 million dollars a quarter for very long, but that's a problem with the marketing idea. It's not attributable to podcasting.

Seriously kids - nobody has to die. The radio star is partying with the video star and podcasters are are on their way up in the elevator.

Satelitte radio is waiting in the car.

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