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Sep 9
Bam Bam Goes on the Pod
I hate to call this guy Bam Bam, but apparently that's who he is.

Mr BB is a UK FM disk jockey who has decided to kiss the transmitters goodbye and go exclusively on the pod.

In an interesting subscription model, he's charging 1.50GBP a week for subscriptions to his show. I'm not sure what he's looking at for listeners, but that seems like a pretty good price point to me. Even with a thousand listeners Bam Bam would be doing OK to the tune of 53GPB annually and I'm pretty sure he has quite a few more listeners than that.

Early in my podcast career I experimented with a one-penny podcast advertising model that saw podcast ads sold at one penny per download. While that particular idea didn't go anywhere, I remain convinced that the true money in podcasting is right where Bam Bam is going. Listeners should pay nothing or a nominal fee and advertisers should pay more than they're used to.

I should explain that:

Advertisers should pay more per download then they're used to paying for impression/airing/whatever right now. In most cases, the audience that they're hitting is much more targetted so each download is worth more because there's a larger chance that the listener is interested in the product as opposed to an ad in a broad mainstream media publication or show (holy run on sentence, Batman!). However, since podcasting audiences are much smaller than main stream media, the actual cash outlay from the advertiser will typically be lower.

As for listeners paying - well, they're a tough crowd and they'll want something pretty spectacular in order to feel compelled to pay. Bam Bam is already a Stern-like radio star with $175,000GBP in fines to his credit, so he'll be able to pull it off.

Via Breakaway Content

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