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Sep 9
Learn About Social Media on Awakened Voice
Rob Safuto is giving back to the community with the Social Media Learning Center.
Each lesson is encoded in QuickTime format at a resolution of 640×480. Visitors to this site may stream the lessons in a window by clicking on the thumbnail in each post, they can download directly by clicking the ‘download’ links. Visitors who desire automatic updates on new content can subscribe using any RSS Reader, Podcast Client or iTunes.

Very cool. I did something like this once for Linux, but found it too difficult to maintain. Hopefully, Rob has this thing cased out and can maintain it for a while.

Thanks, Rob.

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    Thanks for directing folks to these Jon. I'll definitely do my best. The next two will be on the way by the end of this week but I plan to add one a week after that.

    No problem Rob. That's good stuff.

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