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Sep 9
Podcamp Starts Today
Podcamp Boston is well underway. Sooner or later there will be one of these things closer to me and I'll actually be able to attend.

The Blogging Times has the longest list of attendees that I've seen anywhere. I had to scroll no less than 22 times to hit the bottom of the page.

I've heard of at least a third of the people on the list, but wow there's a lot of people involved. It's especially gratifying to see that there are people on the list who aren't podcasters but are merely curious about the whole thing. That bodes very wel for the future of this crazy thing we're riding on

. Check the list.

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    Sure doesn't seem like a lot of people there to me...the video looks like maybe 30 people max...did a lot not show up?

    I didn't watch the video, actually. I just looked at the 5 page list of attendees.

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