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Bored to Death With Podagogy
I'm tired of all the hype surrounding podagogy. One school starts offering lectures as podcasts and before you know it there's a new one every day. Some are even giving their students iPods. Then the conversation about whether podcasting lectures is doing "the right thing" or if it will encourage students to skip classes in favour of the podcasts.

Bleah..I'm bored to tears with this conversation already. I have never before seen such a shining example of so many people not doing anything but copying each other. Not a single whit of initiative amongst the whole lot.

What I want to see is a school offering a course that teaches students how to make new media. Alongside the film, theatre, journalism, and computer science courses I want to see a course on how to create podcasts. I want to see a course that teaches students the fundamentals of content, audio compression, and video techniques.

Wake me up when someone see that on in a school calendar. Until it pops up, I'm done reporting on podagogy.

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I think particularly interesting is how podcasting will be used on e-learning environment and how they are to make it successful.

Agree on the point that podagogy is boring. It is here now... there is no news about it anymore.

I had hoped by now that someone would have done something new in the space. I guess they're all happy giving out iPods and recording lectures.

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