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Podagogy Catching On
I (and others) have pontificated before about post-secondary professors offering podcasts of their lectures. Some are worried that many students would elect to listen to the podcast rather than attend the lecture. Well, the verdict is starting to come in.

Nathan Moss, an introductory psychology professor at the Australian Queens University of Technology has been podcasting his lectures since last semester.

His classes stayed full and no one commented on the podcasts that he was taking up to six hours to prepare each week, until the time he was late putting them on the website. "I started getting all these emails saying, 'Where are the podcasts?"' said Dr Moss, a lecturer at Queensland University of Technology.

While this is hardly conclusive evidence of the behaviour of an entire generation of students, I would like to claim a little victory in my prediction.

I think that we're taking old thinking into the new age. If *I* had podcasts a couple of years ago in school, for example, I probably would have skipped class in favour of them. Today's students are a different breed, however. They're used to podcasts and all sort of wondermedia that I never had and will react differently to it.

Full article.

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I have often said that this would be similar for trade shows as well. That people would stop attending if they knew they could get the whole shebang on a podcast.

Yet, it's the networking aspect that people miss out on if they don't attend a lecture, a trade show or a conference.

I still don't recommend that businesses give away their entire content for free. However, no technology could take the place of human contact, so I'm not surprised that lecture halls are still filled to the brim.

I totally agree that the human contact has immense value. The difference between attending a "real" tradeshow and an online tradeshow is akin to the difference between reading a blog entry and listening to a podcast. There is so much more value in hearing someone's voice while they deliver information vice just reading it.

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