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Podcasting Lectures: Good or Bad?
Cristina Silva of the Boston Globe ponders whether the rise in podagogy is a good or bad thing. I think it's worthy of discussion as the availability of lectures as podcasts certainly can change things.

...others question whether podcasting lectures will actually contribute to learning. Students, some professors say, might be tempted to skip class and the discussion that can flow after a lecture.

Good point and only time will tell. I think that we're taking old thinking into the new age. If *I* had podcasts a couple of years ago in school, for example, I probably would have skipped class in favour of them. Today's students are a different breed, however. They're used to podcasts and all sort of wondermedia that I never had and will react differently to it.

I also have to wonder if lower class attendance would be a bad thing in universities these days. There's an absolutely horrific instructor to student ratio in a lot of schools these days.


Via Daniel Drezner

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I would've loved podagogy for my Abnormal Psyc class. The professor taught directly out of the book and after the second class I stopped going. I just read the text and still got an A-

Podcasting can also be used by the instructor to have their students make recordings (like for ESL).



It's true - there are a lot of profs out there that just drone on out of the textbook. Those people can easily be replaced with podcasts :)

I read a comment somewhere that the type of student who is likely to skip class isn't the type of student who is likely to catch up on said classes with a podcast. I think the reasoning of the commenter was that the 'good' students would put podcasts to good use and the 'bad' students wouldn't because they simply don't care regardless of the technology at their disposal.

Personally, I think it's a tool like any other and it will bring good and bad things to the table.

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