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Textbook Publishers Trying iTunesU

McGraw-Hill has tired of trying to get student's attention by putting supplementary material on websites and CDs. Given the interest in iTunes and podcasting, the book publisher is going to give iTunesU a try.The school in question is the University...

Calgary Podcasting Classes Coming Up

I normally don't post entries about podcasting classes because they're a dime a dozen and I'm always skeptical about the instructors. This class, however, violates both of those rules and will prove to be a good solid course on podcasting.How...

New Media Resource Roundup

Over on Swindy someone (sigh...names, people. Names!) has posted a fledgling outline for a course on Blogging, RSS, and Podcasting. While I think that those should be three separate courses, the outline is actually an interesting look at some of...

Finally, Something Exciting in Podagogy!

Can you believe it? Not 24 hours ago I ranted that I wasn't going to write about podagogy anymore because nothing exciting is happening in the field. Well, today is a different day and something interesting, if not exciting, is...

Bored to Death With Podagogy

I'm tired of all the hype surrounding podagogy. One school starts offering lectures as podcasts and before you know it there's a new one every day. Some are even giving their students iPods. Then the conversation about whether podcasting lectures...

Back to School!

Today's the day! Thousands, perhaps millions, of students are going back to school today. This will be the third school year since podcasting became something if you count October 2004 as the birth and if you count that year. I'm...

New Media School

I love this site. New Media School is a practical place to learn about podcasting. New Media School teaches you about audio and video podcasting. We turn the buzzwords into your own personal toolbox to reach your audience and have...

Podcast Musings of a Teacher

I discovered a post about podcasting in an educational framework (yup, the old podagogy rears its ugly head again). The difference between this post and many other ones that I've read is that this post is from a teacher's perspective....

More on Podcasting Professors

I like this entry: Any teacher than can be replaced by a pocast should be.Brilliant. And funny.Iv'e recently written a couple of entries about schools offering lectures as podcasts. There are a few people worried that if students can download...

Podagogy Catching On

I (and others) have pontificated before about post-secondary professors offering podcasts of their lectures. Some are worried that many students would elect to listen to the podcast rather than attend the lecture. Well, the verdict is starting to come in.Nathan...

Podcasting Lectures: Good or Bad?

Cristina Silva of the Boston Globe ponders whether the rise in podagogy is a good or bad thing. I think it's worthy of discussion as the availability of lectures as podcasts certainly can change things. ...others question whether podcasting lectures...

More Podagogy

I've officially claimed the phrase Podagogy to refer to educational use of podcasts.Santa Monica College is the newest entrant in the "let's throw iPods at our students" contest. While I give SMC full credit for being excited about the idea,...

Making Video Casts in iLife

Ryan Faas has a decent article on how to create a video cast using iLife on the Mac on InformIT. Most of the articles of this type that I run across are either written at such a high level that...

One Week Moratorium on Educational Podcasting

While working my way through my podcasting feeds this morning, I ran across another handful of educationally related podcast news and stories. I was about to write about one of them when it dawned on me that I'm writing an...

N.C. Central University Jumps on the Podcast Wagon

Look out Duke, there's competition in them thar hills! Duke University started incorporating podcasting into the their curriculum recently. I thought I had written about that, but a search for Duke turns up nothing here so either I'm getting senile...

Podcasts Instead of Lectures

A senior professor at Bradford University in the UK has decided to stop holding lectures and product podcasts instead. On an intellectual level, this makes sense, but at an emotional level it may seem strange.Here's how it works: Dr. Ashraf...

University of Wisconsin Offers Podcasting Rewards

Knowing that their target potential student is a 17 year old who spend 3 hours a day engrossed in digital media, the UofW is encouraging their instructors to come up with ways to integrate podcasting into the curriculum with awards...


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