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Jun 9
N.C. Central University Jumps on the Podcast Wagon

Look out Duke, there's competition in them thar hills!

Duke University started incorporating podcasting into the their curriculum recently. I thought I had written about that, but a search for Duke turns up nothing here so either I'm getting senile or there's something wrong with Biz Podcasting's search. Likely the former.

Anyhow, NCCU is not only encouraging instructors to think about podcasting, they're giving them video iPods and telling them to make use of them or lose them.

NCCU's School of Education, which is the first NCCU department to experiment with the technology, is leading the way for pedagogical methods more attuned to today's computerized culture, said Cecelia Steppe-Jones, dean of the School of Education.

Using department money, she gave 47 video-capable iPods worth $400 apiece to the schools faculty and some other staff, who must incorporate their use in their courses.

Excellent stuff. I'm surprised, but gratified, to see educational institutions emerging as leaders in institutional podcasting. I expected commercial ventures to jump on podcasting, and even though there's no doubt that today's education system is a "for profit" venture, it's still cool to see a more venerable institution adopt the technology so quickly.

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