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Jun 9
German Chancellor Podcasting

Whoa. I think the subject says it all.

Called "Die Kanzlerin direkt," or "The Chancellor Direct," the podcast will feature Angela Merkel's thoughts on mostly political topics, although the first video - coming out Thursday - will address the World Cup soccer tournament that opens Friday in Munich and runs through July 9.

That has to be more interesting than the US Senate podcasts, doesn't it?

It's interesting, though, because Germany somewhat recently just went through a blogosphere storm with a . I would have thought that mess would have made the entire country shy away from new media of all sorts.

I wish I spoke German. I'd like to listen/watch the cast and see if it's as sanitized and polished as a Canadian or US political podcast is likely to be.

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You can - there is a translation available. :)


The news is more that she is doing it, than what she actually says. :)

Hey..neat-o. Thanks!

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