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Podcasting Triple Threat
Personally, I feel that podcasting has enough momentum and is so far down the road to becoming widely accepted that it's a little late for "it's not gonna work" posts. Not the case at Awakened Voice, however.

Mr. Anonymous Poster (c'mon guys, do I really have to point out blogging 101 tips? Sign your posts.) at Awakened Voice feels that there are three major threats to the growth of podcasting:
  • Centralized RSS feeds: Feedburner goes down and the entire podosphere goes down.
  • Lack of a Community Directory: podcasts are too hard to find for your average Jane and Joe
  • Misuse of Content: people redistribute podcaster's content without their permission
While all three are interesting conversation points, I feel that only #1 is really, truly a threat. I use Feedburner for all of my feeds (I publish about a dozen or so right now) and am aware thats the weakest link in my system. Feedburner has a great track record, but they do have hiccups now and again and when they do - I'm dark.

Update: My bad. the "About" page at Awakened Voice clearly states that all posts are written by Rob. Apologies all around.

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Hey Jon,

Whats up? Hope all is well. Just wanted to put in my $0.02 on the FeedBurner issue mentioned above. This is a good point that you bring up. We are always looking for new things we can do to ensure uptime. In fact, we recently implemented something we call Feed Insurance.

Feed Insurance is a new bank of servers separate from our main bank that will engage and continue to serve up feeds if our main bank of servers goes down.

Would love to hear any feedback you or any of your readers and listeners have on how to better ensure uptime. Take care!

Eric Olson
Publisher Services - FeedBurner

Hi Eric. Long time no speak :)

Thanks for the tip on Feed Insurance. FB has excellent uptime in my opinion, I was just pointing out that no matter how good something is, when it's a critical as FB has become to bloggers and podcasters, there's potential for a weakest link failure.

You guys are good in my book, though!


All the posts you find on the site are authored by myself.


Hi Rob,

I see that now from looking at your About page. My bad...post amended.



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