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Sep 8
The New Influencers Book Online
Paul Gillin, a technology writer and observer, is working on a book named The New Inflluencers. It's primarily about how social media is shifting who the influencers are in society.

No discipline will be more affected by social media than marketing. Blogs, podcasts, video-sharing services, social networking sites, RSS feeds and other parts of the social media ecosystem challenge nearly every existing assumption about online marketing.. These tools will render some marketing practices almost irrelevant while magnifying the importance of others.

The cool think about this book is that it's all online - in draft form - but online nevertheless.

I'm a huge fan of entire books being written online. It's not that uncommon anymore, but I have to admit that I can't see the business value in it. I know that many people prefer paper books and will order a book they are interested in even if it is available online, but a lot of people are of the other ilk. If I can read a book online, I will. And if I've already read a book, I'm not likely to buy it.


Via Steve Rubel.

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Hi, Jon: I admit it's counter-intuitive, but my publisher was most supportive of posting the chapters online for feedback. I think their reasoning is that posts like yours help spread awareness, which leads to greater sales in the long run. I have to admit, I haven't seen any statistical evidence to support this view, but it's gratifying to have a publisher who believes in the medium like this.

Incidentally, I just posted a chapter on podcasting called The Talkers. I'd be most interested in people's comments.

Regards, Paul Gilln

Hi Paul,

Thanks for stopping by. Like you, I'm interested in the statistical results of posting a book online as it's written.

I'm totally in favour of using social media to create awareness and I don't argue that it works. I'm just curious about how giving away the *entire* thing online affects paper sales.

I suppose that's a pretty hard thing to measure, though.

Thanks for the link to the new chapter. Looking forward to reading it.

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