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Sep 8
Jaffe vs Curry
I recently wrote about how Joseph Jaffe was refusing to air the second half of an interview with Adam Curry. I'm not going to turn Biz Podcasting to "Jaffe Watch" or anything, but I listened to some of the audio from various sources today surrounding the issue and I have to say that I just can't see where Jaffe is coming from.

If you've missed it, the short story goes something like this:
  • Jaffe lines up interview with Adam Curry and Ron Bloom of Podshow
  • Interview turns out to be too long to fit Jaffe's one-hour format, so he cuts it in two
  • Part one airs on Across the Sound (Jaffe's podcast)
  • Jaffe gets pissed off that Curry doesn't mention the interview or link to him or do anything to send him any traffic
  • Jaffe decides not to air part two until such time as Curry send him some traffic
Since this is Biz Podcasting, does anyone see any business case for what Jaffe is doing? While I think it's cool - and somewhat expected - when my interviewees link to their show, it's not a requirement. To punish an interviewee for not linking to you defies logic to me. It's like charging your interviewees a fee to be on your show.

Even if the balance of power was in Jaffe's favour, which it decidedly is not, I don't see how this behaviour does anything to promote the professionalism of the media.

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