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Scoble: Disconnected Rambling About Videocasting
I'm trying to get a grip on Scoble's take on the buzz surrounding "to videocast or not" that's in full swing in the blogosphere and podosphere. Let me share with you how disconnected Scoble appears to be from what videocasting is to him and what it is to the rest of us (can I speak for the rest of us? Why not...)

Scoble agrees with Mark Evans that videocasting takes longer than podcasting. Scoble, however, tries to chalk that up to the upload time associated with larger video files. C'mon, Robert - who sits around and waits for the upload? Videocasting takes longer because of all the reasons I mentioned: setup, teardown, and post production.

Scoble disagrees with my points, but he conveniently only takes a single part of my argument to rebuke. His rebuttal would have been a lot more credible if he had taken my entire argument. Out of the many points that I presented against videocasting, Scoble argues against needing lighting or a studio. Sadly, one of my major arguments against videocasting is that I need a reason for the video. If I don't have any visuals, then I should stick to audio. Sadly, Scoble blows right by that point. Comically, Scoble later acknowledges that lighting is important by giving it its own list point (#7).

Scoble agrees and disagrees with Alec Saunders and Matthew Ingram in that video and audio both have their strong points. OK, we can agree on that.

Scoble takes Alec Saunder's question "why would I want to turn my blog into  two minutes of soundbites" and "translates" it for us. Arguing against a manufactured point isn't really an argument, is it? If you have to "translate" someone's argument then it's quite likely that you're making up the point of contention. Don't translate - just respond.

Scoble disagrees that you need a professional camera rig. I agree, but there's a vast, vast chasm between "professional" and "cheapest thing I can buy on eBay". A $20 microphone and the free Audacity sound editor will get you into audio podcasting. A camera suitable for videocasting will cost a couple of hundred of dollars. That's still not a lot of money, but let's not pretend that videocasting is as cheap as audio podcasting which is what Scoble tries to do by showing us that Geek Entertainment TV borrowed their camera for the first little while. Suggesting that videocasting is inexpensive because you can borrow gear is a little weird.

I concede Scoble's points on tripods and sound. Tripods are desireable - but not required, and viewers need to be able to hear the show.

Scoble is an icon in the blogging, podcasting, and videocasting space. I'm really, really surprised that he's missed the boat entirely on many of  these arguments. I understand that with Scoble's new postion with PodTech that he has a mission to promote podcasting in all forms, but credible evangelization needs a solid base. With this post, Robert is in danger of falling through the floor.

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