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Videocasting Host Recommendations?
I know this is going to look funny after penning an entry about why I'm not into videocasting yet, but I'm looking for recommendations of videocasting hosts.

Just to be clear - I'm not thinking of moving our weekly podcast into video format, but we've come up with another idea that we want to do in video. Blame Ask A Ninja :)

I know that You Tube is certainly an option, but I'm wondering what else videocasters are using. I'm not adverse to paying for decent service, so any recommendations don't have to be limited to free hosts.

I'd also like a proper RSS feed for viewers can use something like Democracy TV to catch the show.

What are people using out there?

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I use both LibSyn and Dreamhost to host videos. The prices are very good and the performance is good enough for my non-industrial bandwidth needs.

Hi Rob,

I didn't know you could host video on Libsyn. I love Libsyn...good to know. Thanks!

Ask Robyn Tippins at SocialRiots.com :)

I use helloWorld from VMdirect, but I am biased ;-)

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