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Videocasting for Corporate Bloggers. Yay or Nay?
I say Nay right now.

Given the title of Andrew Bourland's post - - I expected Andrew to try to convince me that video blogging was the way to go in the corporate space. I was fully armed for an argument as I don't believe it's such a hot idea right now.

Turns out, I was wrong and Andrew's title should have been something more like "VideoBlogging - Might be Good for You". His articled touches on some of the reasons why a corporate blogger may wish to video blog. Not reasons why he or she should. In an atypical fit of reasonableness, the blogosphere seems to be agreeing that all of text, audio, and video have their strength and weaknesses.

Videoblogging and videocasting are two different beasts. Videoblogging typically involves short clips much like a text blog that generally consists of short entries. Videocasting, on the other hand, can be of any length just like an audio podcast.

I think that both have a future, but for very different audiences. In the corporate space, I believe that text and audio trumps video, but out of the two types of video offerings, video blogs will fare better than videocasts.

Why? Consider your day at work. I mean really consider it. Leave the pie-in-the-sky ideas about how self-publishing is changing the world and bringing hiterhto unavailable content to the masses and think about how you spend the actual minutes of your day at.

You likely have time to skim a few text blogs before getting into your day proper. During the day, you can probably put headphones on and listen to a few audio podcasts while you're filling out reports, doing research, or whatever else your job entails. At a stretch, you can possibly catch a few short videoblogs over lunch.

But when will you have the time to watch a videocast proper?

The biggest benefit of video - the video itself - is also the thing that is keeping it from widespread viewership in the cubicle farm. It's not reallly possible to multitask with any sort of effectiveness while watching video as it is when listening to audio.

Or that's how my day goes, anyhow.

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It's a great OPTION, not the ONLY approach... something that should be added to the corporate blogger's bag of tricks.

Perhaps it was my choice of words in the title.

Thanks for the feedback!


Good post, Jon. I guess corporate blogs should keep videos brief in general - bite-size, if you will. It may depend on the blog subject. But there's no reason to spend all day crafting a video when a few short paragraphs of text will do. Then again, sometimes video is much more effective.

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