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Tips for Marketing Podcasts

I generally don't find anything worth reading on PRWeb, but every now and again something comes up. What's the deal with that site, anyhow? Anyone use it to publish press releases? Seems like a really chaotic and loud place.

But I digress.

Anita Campbell and Steve Rucinski are two entrepreneurs who have jumped into the world of podcasting and are now sharing their top 10 tips. Wait a minute...why is this a press release at all? This is a top 10 list. So confused...

There are some fumbles in the list such as point #3:

"3. Set up a dedicated web site for podcasts, preferably with a blog, because it offers RSS feeds"

Yes, set up a website, agreed. Stating that a blog offers RSS feeds is probably correct in most cases, but it shows a lack of understanding of what an RSS feed is. This is like saying "buy a car because it comes with wheels". There are many great reasons to have a blog, and there are many ways to provide an RSS feed that doesn't involve blogware.

On the flip side, there are some interesting points:

"5. When it comes to guests, call on close contacts first. They'll be pleased to be interviewed. Then ask well-known and important business people to be guests. Interviews with these individuals give credibility to podcasts. In addition, include a contact form on the web site to make it easy for individuals to offer to be guests."

I do the total opposite. I call up the biggest, baddest people I can find and ask if they'd like to be on the show. Generally, they accept (although we haven't done an interview in quite a while now), and they make great guests. You know who else makes great guests? Entrepreneurs. You just have to wind them up and they'll go on for hours with passion and excitement. Great guests.

There's also a tip in there about how to deal with "non-audiogenic" guests. I hear that. I interviewed a very well known author and open source advocate one day who actually ate and chewed and chomped all through the interview. Yuk.

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