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Oct 1
List Week: 3 "Podcast" Word Alternatives
List Week continues. In the wake of Leo Laporte's proposal of the word netcast to replace podcast, I thought of a few more words that might suffice. I 100% agree with Leo that tying what we do to a corporate brand was silly.

And no, the fact that most of world associates the word podcast with the iPod is not up for debate. There isn't a judge in the world that Apple wouldn't be able to convince of that inside of 10 seconds.

  1. Netcast (Leo's choice): I like it because it keeps the 'cast' part which is effectively what differentiates a podcast from a boring old audio file.
  2. Digicast: A good word because it maintains the 'case' while indicating that there's something digital about the thing. Goo for both video and audio, but already in use as a company name.
  3. Mycast: If this name wasn't already in use by a weather alert service, I think this would be an exceptional name. Given that weather SMS alerts have nothing to do with podcasts, it's likely it could be adopted.
Anyone have any bright ideas that aren't taken?

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Gabcast ;-)

Of course! What was I thinking...?

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