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List Week: Jon's 3 New "Pod" Words
List Week continues. These are a little tonge-in-cheeck, but as a podcaster myself, I think there are very definite "pod" words that we're lacking. These are all off the top of my head, but there's a possibility that someone thought of one or more of them before me. I've done no reasearch to find out.

Top 3 "pod" words we're missing
  1. Podangst: The feeling I get when it's late in the week and we haven't recorded our podcast yet. OK, I suppose this is just two words mushed together, but I'm trying.
  2. Podgret: The feeling I get when I wish I hadn't said what I said on the show.  A contraction of "podcast" and "regret"
  3. Podrage: The building anger I feel when Audacity won't pull itself together and encode this weeks show to sound just like last week's show. Yeah, another two-word-musher.
Other words we need, but I can't come up with:
  1. The minor feeling of embarassment you feel when one of your non-techhy friends finds out that you podcast and looks at you like you're a total lost cause nerd.
  2. The desire to spend oodles and oodles of money on hardware and software that promises to make your show easier to produce.
Little help?

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