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List Week: 7 Podcast Monetization Strategies
I don't know who to rightly credit for this. These seven tips are Paul Colligan's, but I stole the list from Leesa Barnes who blogged them as Paul was speaking them.

All I know is that I definitely don't deserve any credit for them. I'm just going to list the points here and you can visit Podonomics for more details on each:

Paul Colligan's 7 Ways to Monetize Podcasts
  1. Benefactors
  2. Newsletters
  3. Merchandising
  4. Premium podcast content
  5. Comissioned sales
  6. Web clicks
  7. Sell your own products
I've been playing a lot with the idea of premium content. I don't think that our weekly JaK Attack! is particularily suitable for a premium content model, but it could be used to promote a revenue generating podcast. I'm still fleshing out the ideas, but it's there and growing in my brain.

I wonder how well the benefactor model works. Anyone have a tip jar on their site that's doing well?

What other strategies are podcasters using to generate revenue?

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I don't know why Paul leaved out sponsorship and podvertising...

Yeah. That is weird...

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