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Podshow: Bad Mojo
Podshow gives me the creeps. While most of the controversy that surrounds Podshow is usually really unwarranted, there certainly seems to be a lot of it. The initial bruhaha about their contract was really a non-event because the contract really wasn't that bad.

Then it turned out that Podshow was messing with podcaster's feeds. That was fixed amongst claims of coding errors and things were silent for a while.

Then some claims came to light that Podshow was censoring reviews by removing negative ones about their shows.

Recently, more scuttlebutt about how Podshow republishes  feeds has risen and last, but not least, even the Podshow technology has been causing problems for me.

Today, Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice which runs the BluBrry network, tells a story in which two BluBrry podcasters have asked to be removed from the BluBrry directory because they're also listed with Podshow and Podshow classifies BluBrry as a competitor.

What the hell happened to the 'unlabel' that was Podshow? I'm not aware of a single directory or network that is as restrictive or seems to have so much bad mojo as Podshow.

I guess that's one way to make a name for yourself.

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