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List Week: Top 3 Podcast Search Services
Lilst Week continues. OK, so maybe "top" 3 isn't the right title for this post. Perhaps "Only 3" might be more correct. I'm only including speech-to-text search services here, you see. These services, which search inside podcasts rather than just reading the text show notes, are becoming more common and improving.
  1. Podscope: This is my favourite on the list. The search results aren't as rich as some of the other services, but it has the most important thing - it works. While the other two services listed appear to find my searches, the audio won't play for me.
  2. Podzinger: Nice interface and seems to have lots of podcasts in its database. Can't hear it, though.
  3. HearHere: This is a function of Pluggd podcast service. I watched a demo on it, but alas I need Flash 8 or 9 to use it and as a Linux user that's just not an option right now. So. Full. Of. Hate. For. Adobe.
These types of services are absolutely critical to the growth of podcasting. Successful implementation will make podcasts a viable source of information and research references. Ultimately, I want to see speech podcast search results shown right in with text results in the big search engines, but at the moment I'm just happy to see these services coming to life.

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