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.mobi Landrush Has Begun
It's not every day that a new Top Level Domain (TLD) becomes available. It costs a heckuva lot of money to sponsor a new TLD and most of us can't afford it. A bunch of companies like Google, Microsoft, Vodafone, Samsung., Nokia and more put their pennies together and managed to get this thing off the ground.

What's a TLD? .com, .net, .org. Welcome, .mobi.

The .mobi sunrise period is over (this is the period reserved for trademark holders to grab their .mobi names) and we're now into the general registration period. Sounds logical except that the first couple of weeks of the general registration period is actually the landrush period during which you'll have a better selection of .mobi names, but you'll also pay more for it.

With the proliferation of mobile podcasting services, I think this TLD is going to be of great interest to the podcasting community. While there's no reason why a .mobi site has to have anything to do witih podcasting, I suspect that there will be a TON of them that do.

More information and registration information can be found on the .mobi site.

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