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Stats: Watch Your Referrals
I recently asked the Know More Media giant heads to take a look at Biz Podcasting and give me a critique on it. I think that it's important to have outside eyes look at what you're doing now and again because it's easy to get myopia when immersed in something as solitary as blogging can me.

One of the points raised during the ciritque is that I should use more images. I agree with that as I think images make a blog look a little nicer. One of the reviewers pointed out that a single post I made with an image of a microphone in it was one of the top referred posts from Google Images.

That was worth the price of admission right there. While I'm still not any better at putting images in my post (c'mon...Linux blig clients suck. Give me a break!), I never would have noticed that little referrer stat by myself.

The lesson? Take a good look at your referrers. If you're just blazing by them like I was you'll miss out on some gems like I did.

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