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The PodLounge Mobile
The PodLounge has opened up a mobile site designed specifically for...well...mobile devices.

There's been a lot of noise latetely about mobile podcasting sites, but I guess I really don't get it. Here in Canada, downloading podcasts into your mobile device is so far away from viable that it may as well be science fiction. The biggest plan I can get here (even if I could afford to pay for it) is 250MB a month. That's not a lot of podcasts.

But hey, maybe you're in a better place than I and can make use of the mobile PodLounge.

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I was reading about this service the other day and discovered that one of my podcasts was listed as their No. 1 download (see screenshot), which doesn't seem credible to me.

Don't be so hard on yourself, Steven. You have a great show!

I know what you mean, though. I like my show too, but if I say it listed as number 1 somewhere, I'd be suspicious.

Although, we did get ranked #7 in Canada on the recent Canadian Podcast Listeners's Survey: http://www.canadianpodcastlistenerssurvey.ca/

The mobipod trial we've eset up recently in the UK works around the file size and delivery issues a little.
First, podcasts are re-encoded down to under 4Mb. Quality is reduced, clearly, and this is as much about the delivery system currently having limitations as it is about manageable files.
Secondly, the download client enabled the user to define when the subscribed podcast is doanloaded, thus taking advantage of the increasing number of off-peak unlimited tarifs available in the UK.

Despite the file size enforced quality reduction, the vast majority of the subscription trialists are sticking with it and continuing to use the service.

It's early days with the current trial, but it does take the delivery issue from a different angle to most.


I think that things are different in the UK and Europe than here in Canada (and perhaps in North America proper). Our data is just too expensive for mobile catching to be viable. 4MB downloads might be manageable depending on how many podcasts we're talking about, but it would cost me $100 a month just for data (never mind voice) to make it viable).

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