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Mobilecatching in Canada: Conclusion

This is an easy one: mobilcatching in Canada is a no-go.

Yesterday I wrote a three part series evaluating the state of the nation with respect to the three major cellular providers in Canada. I examined their data plans with an eye to how a podcast listener like myself would fare if I only mobilcaught right onto my Palm Treo 650.

I consider myself a below average podcast listener. I listen to about 5 podcasts a week and I calculate that takes roughly 80MB of bandwidth. Extrapolate that out to 320MB a month and it would cost me over $300 per month at any of the three providers in Canada. None of them offer more than 250MB per month so I would be facing overages on any of them.

I'm not sure what the situation is in other countries, but there are a lot of mobilcatching services popping up on the web. These services are pretty much doomed in Canada because no one will be able to afford to use them. Again, perhaps unlimited data plans are common in the US, but these services seem to be at a disconnect with their potential customers. What's the point of a service that no one can afford to use?

Here are links to the specific entries on TELUS Mobility, Rogers Communications, and Bell Mobility.

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