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Podtractor: Stats to Go
Podgarden has recently announced it's newest service Podtractor.

What's a Podtractor? If I am to believe the press it's a stats tracking package for podcasters that is host-independent. This is a tough egg that I've been waiting for someone to crack.

Most, if not all, podcast hosts provide some sort of stats. This is good, but makes it difficult to change hosts and maintain any type of continuity. It's kind of the podcasting equivalent of changing your cellular or mobile phone provider and losing the phone number you've had printed on all your business cards and letterhead. Annoying, to say the least.

Having the ability to track your stats independent of whatever host you're using will be a boon to the industry. It signals an important change from having to maintain a relationship with a single host to a more autonomous situation. Ultimately, it will create more competition which can only be good for us podcasters.

I've signed up for a Podtractor demo and am awaiting their response. I'll post my experience here. Anyone else given Podtractor or any other Podgarden product a try yet?

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