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Broadcast Your Podcast via Satellite
Many of us have heard of Sirius and XFM by now, which are satellite radio stations. Satellite radio is attractive to many people not only because listeners can get hundreds of stations rather than the 10 or so in their immediate area, but due to the gigantic footprint of a satellite, it's possible to listen to the same station while driving across an entire continent. Maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but there's no doubt that even a small satellite footprint is many times larger than a typical Fm radio station.

Since satellite bandwidth is pretty pricey, generally only the big guys like Adam Curry are on the beam, but now the average podcasting Joe or Jane can pay a single shiny (in Canada) dollar per minute and get their podcast broadcasted on the Podsat.net satellite.

The big difference between Podsat and the others is that there are no subscription fees for Podsat. Yes, listeners will need a proper satellite receive radio thingy to tune in, but unlike Sirius and XFM that's where the costs stop.

Be aware that unless your shows are under 20 minutes, then you're going to have to sign up for at least four shows.

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Free satellite radio? With podcast programming? Tell me quick! Where do I get my receive radio thingy?

A damned find question. From the FAQ:

Q.How does the listener access PSN on FTA Satellite Radio?

A.We broadcast on Ku band. This requires a dish and hardware which, depending upon the model you buy, may cost less than $150.00. After that initial equipment outlay there are no monthly fees for either FTA Satellite Radio or FTA TV. In addition, our shows are also streamed via the internet.

So I guess we gotta get a Ku band receiver?

» Free To Air Satellite Getting Noticed from BizPodcasting
I recently wrote about Podsat.net which is offering podcasters the ability to get their shows on satellite radio for the low, low fee of $1 per minute. I'm going to get the relationship wrong here, but I think the actual... [Read More]

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