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What Will Scoble Do?
Now that the intial hubub about Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft for Podtech has died down a bit, there is some insightful thought and discussion about it coming forth.

Alex Williams ponders whether Scoble will do the same thing for podcasting as he did for blogging. I think the answer is "kind of".

Podcasting is in a different place right now than blogging was when Scoble took it up. Podcasting is much more labour intensive, and much more engaging. To blog, one simply has to have desire, knowledge, and some grammar skills. To podcast, one needs all of those plus the ability to think on the run and be engaging. Podcasters need a little more on the ball than bloggers in some cases and that means a little harder sell to the corporate giants.

I do agree with Williams, though, that Scoble will likely be on the conference trail evangelizing podcasting. Scoble already has major star power in citizen media circles so it's very likely that he will propel podcasting into the corporate world with a vengeance.

Or at least that's what I'm hoping.

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