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$12K Podvertising Auction Closes
A while ago I wrote about an eBay auction for an advertising spot on the Tech Nation podcast. The opening bid was $12,000 and I predicted that the auction would close with zero bids. Turns out I was right - the auction closed today with zero bids.

I really think that was kind of a no-brainer, but hey - I gotta get some credit!

There are a very few exceptions to the rule, but in general right now advertisers are kicking about the 5-cent per download range. It's way to early in the game to come at them with a $12K flat-rate price tag. In 6 months? Maybe. In a year? For sure.

But not right now.

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Hi Jon - my company, Portico Systems, won the auction yesterday:

TechNation Podvertising Auction

We are excited about supporting podcasting, and of course a great show (Tech Nation). I plan to post about this on my blog as soon as I have some down time.

Hey Scott,

That's very cool that you're into supporting podcasting and willing to spend money on podvertising. I think all of us podcasters appreciate that.

However, to be clear, we're talking about two different auctions. I was speaking of the auction that ran *before* the one you won where TechNation attempted to sell that same spot for $12K US (link). You're talking about the auction that you just won for $1500 and change (link).

That was the point of my entry: $12K is way out of the ballpark for podcast advertising right now. Even for Tech Nation.

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