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Kent Sayre: Snake Oil!
This piece of garbage cropped up in my Feedlounge this morning:

My name is Kent Sayre and I've invented a method for you, the ordinary person, to potentially make big money through podcasting. Best of all, I've put together all my techniques into a system... now found in my electronic book "Podcasting Profits".

Where to begin? There are so many things wrong with Kent's pitch that I'm almost drowning here. I guess we'll start with the fact that Kent fails my Google test for podcasting. His name doesn't appear with the word "podcast" anywhere on the first page of search results. It gets worse, though. His name does appear many times, but not in the most flattering way. Let me share the first page of Google hits for Kent Sayre with you.

From the desk of Kent Sayre. Portland, Oregon. Dear Friend,. If you're looking to become happier, healthier, wealthier, and sexier, then this will be the ...

Hi, my name is Kent Sayre and over the past year, I've spent a large portion of my time writing a book on how to transform your level of confidence using ...

Kent Sayre is a rising star in the self-help world. He is a master hypnotist who has helped thousands of people around the world with his products. ...

by Kent Sayre. This may be the most valuable article you'll ever read for ... Kent Sayre is a worldwide persuasion expert and author of “The Ultimate ...

Sounds to me like Kent is an expert in a lot of things. Just not podcasting.

I was going to go through Kent's post point-by-point, but I think his pitch speaks for itself. Kent is clearly a huckster and not a podcaster. If you feel like spending $27 on a podcasting book, buy 2 of s. At least he's an actual podcaster.

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Hi Jon,

I have read Kent Sayre's podcasting book. It isn't as bad as you think. It's very good for you if you're new. It won't be valuable for you if you're advanced but it is helpful for us newbies.

thank you,

Hey Roger,

Thanks for the info. I'm not necessarily saying that Kent's book is bad, just that he clearly has no experience with podcasting. A guy with no experience in podcasting selling a book on how to make money with podcasts is quite un-credible in my opinion.


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