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Snake Oil: The Internet Audio Guy
Thanks for Jason for bringing this to my attention. I can only track down so many snake-oiil vendors in the course of a day and it's nice to have some help.

Today's podcasting snake-oil dealer is The Internet Audio Guy. For a mere pittance of $695, Mike Stewart will sell potential podcasters a microphone, a digital audio editor, and a sound capture card. Oh, and a video CD showing  you how to use it all.

I'm not going to go into a rant about this as I normally do, but suffice it to say that if you feel like you need to spend a bajillion dollars to cut a podcast then go ahead. The reality is that I've spent about $150 in the past year and half on my podcasting gear and the bulk of that was within the last six months. We just recorded our 60th podcast and we're sounding just fine.

Potential podcasters need to focus on content, some basic voice technique, and scheduling. Even if you'd like to get some expensive gear, you can get some excellent hardware for a fraction of Audio Guy's gear.

I'm putting Internet Audio Guy into my Snake Oil category because he not only in that it appears he has yet to produce a podcast, but all of his so-called "references" on his site are also flashy Internet marketers. If you have a couple of minutes on your hands, Google every one of Mike's reference and see what you think.

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I love how a blog with an ad that says "Soulcast - You are just moments away from creating your money-earning blog! Just create a username and password below. It's fast and FREE!" calls someone else snake oil.

Or how about that Google ad "Discover the Guarded Blogging Method That Makes $500 A Day!"

And this Google test - Mike Stewart Podcast brings up a few options for me.

Mike set me up with my gear and taught me how to do what I do (and I'm not the only one - there are a good number of published Podcasts that owe their initial setups to Mike).

He also did several of the early Podcast Tools Podcasts with me.

No sweeter guy on the planet.


Laff...take it up with the ad guys, Paul. That's not my deaprtment here.

I utterly disagree that it takes $700 to get started podcasting, but as I said in my post - if you feel so inclined to spend that kind of money, then go ahead.

It's good to know that Mike has friends, though. It's possible that I'm wrong - it's happened once or twice before. First impressions of "The Internet Audio Guy" aren't that favourable from my position, however.

Oh, and adding the word "podcast" to a search defeats my Google test. It's a test to see if the word podcast is associated with someone.

Anyone professing that they have the secrets to selling anything is a snake oil peddler in my books.

"Who else wants to learn the secrets to making digital audio products to sell?
Now you can easily do it with our packages & DVD tutorials that no one else has!"

C'mon Paul! You've got to admit he's laying it on pretty thick...

Of course it doesn't take $700 to start podcasting, and one glance at Paul's site did sent me SPRINTING away.

However, if Paul offers something of real value -- namely, helping others to learn to podcast who aren't so inclined/don't have the time/are scared off by the technology to learn to do it themselves for far less -- then I don't find $700 such an outrageous price to charge.

More power to him.

--Bryan Person
Blog: Bryper.com
Podcast: NewCommRoad.com

So you think I sell snake oil?

You make broadcast quality recordings for $150..Good for you.

Here is the deal from the horses mouth.

I charge about $200 more than you can buy the same gear at Musician websites that scare the jilly's out of people who need to learn how to make an MP3, they are not just used for podcasting only.. Out of that extra money, I do one on one help to get things working for people who don't know an XLR cable from a USB cable, but some who get off their butts have made millions, right millions from recording audio themselves. I give a 12 hour recording basics course free to every customer of mine and I pay 10% for referrals to my site.

You act like marketing is a bad thing and look at this site. It is covered with Adsense and banner ads.. why? to market something.

Good honest marketers make money and they can help others who don't get it.

And finally, I haven't produced a podcast? I did one in August after Adam Curry put up his first, and went to video blogging, because I can do more and I enjoy it more, and I get results that allow me to enjoy life.

If podcasting means everything hgas to be free or cheap or it is snake oil,
then you are no one that I care to know.

But I have helped more people reach their dreams and if you have done the same your way, good for you.

But I do give my customers support they can't get anywhere else than me, cause I created it, and they like my snake oil.

Mike Stewart

Hey Mike,

Thanks for stopping by. Only took you three weeks :)

I've put you into my snake oil category for the reasons that I've stated. I stand by what I've written and leave you in the depths of my snake oil bin.

I doubt you'll enjoy the company down there.


I've deleted your comment because it was just far too asinine to leave up. If you'd like to write something coherent that actually has something to do with this post, I'd be happy to post it.

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