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Oct 4
Scoble on Podcasting, Microsoft, and Blogging
Web Pro News interviews Robert Scoble, VP of Media Development at PodTech,  in the Bloggers Lounge at the Podcasting and Portable Medie Expo.

Lots of good stuff in the bean-bag interview such as tips for new podcasters:
  1. Have something to say
  2. Listen to a lot of podcasts first
  3. Try to emulate a style that you like doing
  4. This is a niche world  - pick and stick to a niche
And some stuff I didn't know:
  1. Scoble has been blogging since 2000 - three years before he went to Microsoft
  2. He only worked for MS for three years (seems like so much longer)
  3. When he wrote that Marketing people without an RSS feed should be fired, he got a little internal flak for it
When Scoble interviewed fired bloggers (not from MS, I don't think) there were two things that crop up over and over.
  1. They didn't know they were taking a risk
  2. They couldn't answer what they wanted the company to do about their rant
Full video

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