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Jun 6
Virtual Assistant for Podcasters
Leesa Barnes (this woman is everywhere!) has an interesting article over on Completely Virtual.

The artice enumerates five ways in which a virtual assistant can assist a podcaster. I think we're all pretty familiar with the virtual assistant idea from a 'typical' corporate setup whereby some service answers your voicemail, email, and what not. Leesa proposes that there's a job market for a virtual assistant specializing in podcasters.

The list has merit and I agree that there are a lot of things in that list that I, as a podcaster, don't like doing at all. I'd love to farm that stuff out. I'm a little confused as to why Leesa thinks that iTunes and other (of course iTunes is a podcatcher. I brain dumped.) online directories are podcatchers as that's just plain old wrong, but she certainly knows what podcasters hate doing.

As I write this I'm considering the fact that my weekly show takes about 2 hours to research and prep for, about 45 minutes to record, and another 2-3 hours to edit and encode (I make an MP3 and an OGG Vorbis file). If I could cut out even the 2-3 hours post production (and possibly some of the prep and reasarch) that would make the show that much more enjoyable.

Now paying for someone to do that is a totally different story.

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Jon, you cracked me up when I read the first line of your post. Thank goodness my online reputation is clean. Not sure about my offline rep, though.

BTW, if I did indeed say that "online directories" are podcatchers, then yes, I'm wrong. However, I rarely make mistakes, so I'll have to doublecheck what I wrote.

Well you ARE everywhere!

Here, let me help you

"Submit podcasts to podcatchers. Part of marketing a podcast is submitting them to podcast directories, otherwise known as podcatchers."

But hell, I make enough of my own mistakes. I wasn't specifically hammering on you for it, I just couldn't ethically report on your entry without correcting a factual error :)

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