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Jun 8
Negative Penguin Media
Mike Beckham talks about Negative Penguin Media today.

Mike notices that most podcast networks are little more than directories and he ponders what's the point in that? I must admit that I pay pretty much zero attention to the networks as I think they're barking up totally the wrong tree, but I have to agree with Mike. Networks that aren't are so off my Christmas list.

I think Negative Penguin Media will have something over other “networks” if there are any like us (so far I have not found many). We are what I like to compare to a Television Network like NBC or ABC. We produce the programs and distribute them not just link to other peoples shows. I find this a novel idea. A place where you can find quality programming all in one place from a trusted source.

Well, it's a good idea, but it's not novel. The Podcast Network has been doing exactly this since day one andTech Podcast Network is pretty close, although their model is a little different.

Podcast Networks have to be careful. If they're too stringent in their quest for topical frequent shows, then their lineup will look just like main stream media, but without the quality. I heard one person recently sum it up nicely:

"If I had to chose between Leo Laporte's Call for Help and some other guy telling me about the new Mac Book, I'd pick Leo everytime".

Yup, and so would I. Citizen media can't compete head on with main stream media. Podcasts have to offer something that main stream media doesn't and with more and more media outlets podcasting their shows, the disinction has to be in content because the quality of pro media houses is beyond reproach.

Networks are a good idea, but they run on a very thin razor.

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Click my name for the link to my story. Sorry I changed my site around.

I understand the views, podcasting definately needs to offer differing views.

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