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Credibilty is Hard to Fake.
I know that most of my readers are probably tired of hearing this, but I'll say it again: "Content is King". Listeners choose podcasts because of the content. Perhaps their choice reflects information that can't be found elsewhere, or perhaps it's content that is only broadcasted at inconvenient times elsewhere, or perhaps it's just a really good host. For whatever reason, content rules the roost in the podosphere.

Credibility is a very large part of the good content picture. It's easy to look like an expert in print. People can ask you questions and you can wander off to do research before writing an answer. That's not such an easy trick to pull off in a podcast. Certainly most podcasts aren't live so it's possible to pull the same 'research and then look like it came off the top of my head' trick, but your listeners who really know the content are going to notice. And they're going to pick you up on it.

Take Virgin Worlds - a website dedicated to MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online games). The MMO crew listens to the PC Gamer podcast and they're calling bullocks on the show's hosts knowledge of MMOs.

My plea to PC Gamer's podcast team: "Get an MMO expert on your show or just stop talking about them. MMOs are becoming an increasingly important part of PC Gamer's content, and you must realize that unlike this week's new FPS or RTS, it will take a bit longer to become familiar with the content. It is your responsibility as a respected gaming publication to take that requirement seriously."

Sounds like good advice to me. It's been my experience that corporate podcasts like the PC Gamer show aren't in touch with the blogosphere, however, so I predict that they will never see this plea.

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