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Bandwagon Jumper-Oners: What I Want Podcasting
I'm all for anything that promotes podcasting and brings it into the light. Good, bad and indifferent publicity is always good in my opinion and to date I've had a pretty high tolerance for misinformation on podcasting. However, I read so many business-related podcasting documents and press releases these days that I'm starting to get jaded.

It seems that there are more businesses attempting to make money from podcasting than there are businesses that understand what podcasting is. What I Want Podcasting is on my plate today.

The first tell tales signs that What I Want Podcasting is out of their element is the opening statement of their press release over on PR Web:

The growth rate of podcasting has risen tremendously over the past year; in addition the number of listeners as well as viewers has grown dramatically.

How can one separate the growth rate of podcasting and the number of listeners and viewers? The number of listeners and viewers *are* the growth rate.

We are helping hospitals to develop video podcasts of their Doctor’s, (sic) relaying vital information on a patient’s surgery to the patient in their rooms.

What makes a podcast a podcast is the subscription mechanism. How, exactly, can patients subscribe to their Doctor's little ditty on their health? I'm all for the idea, but anyone in the podcasting space needs to at least know what the distinctive element of a podcast is.

And lastly, what press release would be complete without the obligatory "utter gibberish" statement?

As corporations begin to fuse their advertising, marketing and public relations campaigns with podcasting, sales are increased with a direct relation to the podcast campaign which makes their return on investment much higher than other traditional resources.

I don't know. I don't think What I Want Podcasting has what I want.

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Sometimes people read someone else's website or press release, then try to re-word it in their own way to include in their marketing copy. The result is a haphazard, poorly written press release that includes so many fallacies that it's laughable.

Funny thing is the guy who runs that site is actually very well versed in the podcasting field. I'm surprised that his press release is so poorly written. I wonder who wrote it?

Thanks for staying on top of all these podcasting services and products.

Yeah..sheesh...PRWeb has some bad stuff. One thing I've learned doing this gig is to stay the hell away from PRWeb :)

As I look over and see a PRWeb ad on my own site...sigh.

Here's another example of press release abuse. Create a web site, call it "beta" and test the waters http://www.realestatebuzzbox.com There is not a single podcast to be seen or heard.

Here are some people that "get it" http://www.mlpodcast.com

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