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Podcast Word Contest
After Jason's brutal offering of the word "podagogy" in reference to educational podcasting, I started thinking about how many "pod" words there are out there. I don't think a day goes by when I don't either hear a new "pod" word, or make on up myself. I've decided that it's high time we heard about all the podwords that those of us in the field have made up over the past year.

So here it is, my first contest on Biz Podcasting. The winner will get some air time on my weekly podcast, The JaK Attack! as that's where we're going to decide the finalist. And maybe, just maybe we can get the Know More Media guys to throw in one of their trademark Pez dispensers. We'll see...don't hold your breath for that.

You have until this coming Friday (June 16th) at 5pm Mountain time to submit your entry. When Kelly and I record this week's show, we'll take all the entries at that time and have at 'em!

Here's the rules:

1. You can enter as many times as you like
2. Entries are to be in the form of comments to this blog entry
3. You must link your website to your name in the comments if you want me to have any chance of finding you should you win.
4. The judging will be final, complelety subjective, potentially unjust, and quite possibly a little drunken.

While I have no chance of winning, I will start the process with two pod words. Once I made up and the other I stole from somewhere 'cuz I like it.

1. Podvertising: podcast advertising
2. Podience: pronounced "pawdience" which is the name I use for my listeners. It became too awkward to refer to my listeners as "podcast listeners" and audience just wasn't "poddy" enough so I made it up.

Enter away! Fame awaits!

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Perds - Podcasting nerds
Plitches - Podcasting glitches
Puru - Podcasting guru
Pop - The sound of a podcast exploding

I know I'm well past the 5pm limit, but wanted to post this anyway because I think it's clever.

pod nauseam - a podcast that goes on endlessly on a particular topic, often to the point of listener disgust

No problem - you're in the running. We've had so few entries that we've had to extend the deadline until next week :)

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