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Pod Tech too "Corporate"
Somebody-or-other over a Podcast NYC (yet another blogger who can't be bothered to put his or her real name down) is taking some shots at Pod Tech in the wake of the news that Scoble is moving over.

My first impression on the content can be crystallized by one word, corporate. This is a venture geared towards people interested in corporate (aka boring) news and opinions on technology. Most of it is produced very well, with a host that sounds like she was kidnapped from NPR. Is that a bad thing? Maybe not for some people. Some people would call it "professional". I call it boring.

It's hard to take a slash review from a competing podcast network to heart, but somebody-or-other (see how stupid it sounds?) isn't too far off. I've only listened to a few Pod Tech shows and they're OK, but pretty mainstream. Nothing I can't get anywhere else.

Scoble helped the revolution on corporate blogging, though, so maybe he can turn these Pod Tech snoozoroids around and get them producing some better content in the near future.

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