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Jun 8
Make Your Blog Talk!

I heard about Feed2Podcast a while ago, but didn't have the time to look at it closely. Time went by and I ended up forgetting about it. Today, however, Robbie from Feed2Podcast sent our an email that reminded me about it.

I took another look and while the service may seem kitchy at first, it's actually a pretty neat idea with some interesting ramifications. In a nutshell, Feed2Podcast reads your blog feed and gives you another URL. That URL contains your blog entries as podcasts. Sign up and setup is as easy as it should be and seconds after I fed it my blog feed URL, I was listening to my blog entries being read to me by "Brad". It was kind of surreal.

The immediate ramifications of the Feed2Podcast service are in the realm of 'neato', but very quickly spread into the area of accessibility., Without speculating how a blind person might go about surfing the web to begin with (although there is a breed of software out there called "screen readers"), it's now possible for people to subscribe to my blog's Feed2Podcast URL and have my blog read to you.

Very cool. Check it out.

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